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Wednesday, 30 May 2007


Rick Richman
And kol hakavod to you. This is beyond brilliant. Thank you.
This is just brilliant. Thank you.
This is more than brilliant!!! Thank you so much!!! We appreciate your efforts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow. That was good.
Josef K
Great work! BRAVO ZULU!!
Powerful... Very well done...
your dead
haha u think ur country is so good eventually that .1% peace of land.. will become muslim!!!!!
A picture is better than 1,000 words, but you have gone much further. Now tell all the world.
Hans Schulz
Hi my name is hans and i lived in lebanon for many years but now il live in germany. do you really think that someone will believe your lie? the islam is a very peaceful religion .Not the moslems oppress you, you oppress and torture them. You occupy their home town and ask youself, why they hate us.You think you are the CHOSEN PEOPLE from God. Dont't spead fear and terror.
Alexandra Piedro
haha i just laugh about your shit! you are all hypocrites, u will get what u deserve. The apocalypse come nearer and u will get your legitimate penalty. Don't spead lie and open ur eyes, fanatics. i don't hate jews, but i hate ur shit government and people who's approve of it. This government is responsible for the death of my lovely friend Mariam and for a lot of innocents in the war. See double and recognise the danger of ur government.
nina haag
israel you are the oppressor
Shitty German, your shit grandpa killed Jews and now you think you'll do the same? You won't. You'll go to Germany and shit in your Aryan pants while preparing to live ruled by lovely Moslems. And you Alexandra, who are you? Yet another Nazi European, as you all are. Go the hell, continent of Auschwitzers.
Obviously whoever uploaded this site have never visited any of the 22 Arab countries. It is nothing but propaganda. For instance the statement below: "Glossy lips would be considered whorish and alcohol is forbidden" in the Arab world is rubbish. If you have visited any of Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Morocco, Tunisia, The Emirates or Egypt. You would realise that such a statement is ill founded. I can spend hours touching on each and every one of these points but I am honestly tired of this propaganda & I firmly believe that there is no point in talking to those who believe what they get fed without question. I can understand that this is purely ignorance. My advise to you is travel to the Arab world first, see it for yourself and then make up your mind. It fascinates me how Israelis pretend to know so much about the Arab world that they've never been to.
Aynur C.
i'm aynur from turkey and these side is a big shit, only propaganda. moslems and jews, u should live peaceful together and don't fight against each other. But the problem is that jews(sorry jews) u think u are the chosen people from god, don't torture the moslems, don't imitate Hitler. u was oppressed from Hitler and now u make same with the moslems, take heart and try to understand moslems and don't see one-sided. olmert is a murderer, plz believe me and open ur eyes.
fuck u liers .... we are not like that ... we are a peaceful relegion with peaceful ideas ... remember sabra and shatila and dair yaseen you sons of bitches
why dont we all just love one another? we are all on this planet for a short length of time so lets make the most of one another. all religions seem to say the same- try to be good not bad.
Worldly Person
All you need is love. Its that simple. God gave the world to all of us.
its quite sad the way you present islam and the muslim countries that surround isreal its quite pathetic. im sure alcohol girls strutting their stuffis seen as being free but please at least read abpout islam before you start spreading horrible things. yea i dont really like isreal purely on your horrible ethics and greed .before you start slating your surondnod neighbours look at what your country is doing!!!!
israel is nothing like hitler. hitler didnt let jews own pets ride bikes go to movies restaurants etc. he ordered their books to be burned and he invaded other countries is search of jews just to weed them out and kill men women and children. israel lets palestinians have their own books bikes etc. if a palestinian terrorist fires a rocket from civillian quaters, then it is he who insures the danger of innocent people around him when the inevitable retaliation comes.
Thats Very Lousy and Un true.
husin poorae
Hello everybody that this is not Alvhp fact, because the Jews over the centuries are the main source of strife and conspiracies and plots, intrigue, and history bears witness that I am not a Muslim, but I must be fair in my reply on the subject and above, where Jews want to visit the facts and thus gain the sympathy of the world and here they refer Know if freedom and justice were not occupiers of the land of Palestine and killing her family and her children and intimidation of women and children with their weapons as they like to kill innocent children for no reason but because their parents are the owners of the land and may not Evrko between Muslims and Christians in this war, which shows H.thm and lack of respect not only to the principles defined in so Resolutions of the United Nations did not recognize it and pull out of Palestinian territories. They are falsifying the facts when defending men assaulted his land, honor and country is so barbaric terrorist and generally these are some of the realities of the Jews do not understand Egronkm Bkzbhm Kaltalb and greetings to all
alex from argentina
remember yjudios never gone to have peace because you dont deserve that i hope one day you realize you gay invade palestine you are the intuders
I'm sick to my stomach that the world is doing nothing when Jews are terrorizing Palestinians. A question for Jews: why do you think that your "chosen" nation deserve some special treatment from the rest of the world? You broke dozens and dozens of UN resolutions, Israel posses weapons of mass destruction and gets away with that. If not Israel there would be peace in the Middle East. Let's put a stop to Israeli terrorism right here and now!
hi im jewish and what you're saying is biased and disgusting. israel is the new hitler. it is PURE evil!
american gurl
open your eyes people!!! THERE IS NO SUCH TING AS PALESTINE!!!!!It is a LIE Araft even admitted this!!!THERE'S NO SUCH people as Palestininans!!!! they are Arabs and they have NO claim or right the Israel!!!They NEED to GET OUT!!!!Israel should continue to pound Hamas until every last one of those filthy pigs IS DEAD!!!!! LONG LIVE ISRAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Muslims treat there women like goats, they torture and kill each other, they live in extrem poverty, they are at war everywhere around the globe, they stink, they live in fear, they live in anger, they live in hate. Muslims already live in hell. We have to free the muslims from their faschist belives. As long as there is still one muslim in the world, the world will not be at peace! The hole islamic world is Guantanamo. Thank you Israel for keeping the monster in its cage!
I believe in no high power i take a mostly scientific veiw on the world and mostly because of stuff like this. religions cause to many problems. more problems then solutions. one religion says it is supurior and the other disagrees so you fight for hundreds of years. But although the root of problmes lies in the basis of religion most issues are caused by indivduals (the crusades were caused by power hungry popes) I SAY TO EACH HIS/HER OWN AND LIVE IN PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz excuse poor spelling
COOL Website! Well Done. Very much enjoyed it.
Erin Johnston
Very powerful...This American stands with Israel against the cursed Ishmaelites who surround you. Soon your land will be restored to you in full. Blessings to you my friend!
angela anne
THINK ABOUT THE CHILDREN... what the hell kind of people are you to constantly put children in fear of death and leave them tainted with images of their brother spread out across the street because the man who believes he is dying for right decided to take a seven year old with him. Then tell that child to fall asleep at night. Tell that child to grow up and never feel anger in his heart or fear that one day he may end up just like his brother.. tell that child to be human. It will never happen. Those men who are dying for their SELFISH right to 72 virgins in heaven will burn in hell. i hope they are all ripped to pieces and burned in hell for what they do. And forgotten. I hope they are all forgotten. No one will remember their faces. And i don't want to hear that excuse everyone uses.. "Well, they were brainwashed since they were children, so they don't know any better." These are grown men with brothers and sisters and children. they DO know what is right... it is human nature to know what is right and wrong... but i guess i forgot... these are not humans. They are monsters.
All of you need to learn to spell. And a majority of you are saying that these people are biased, and right after this statement you continue to explain your own bias. Hypocrits. Look at the facts, then talk.
i hope the #other 22 arab states# swallow your tiny shithole you call sacred territory, and send all you inbred pigfaced dogs on a boat to sink-istan . i fully support Palestine! they seem to be more susceptible to new ideas, more humane, than israelis and their permanent dellusional fantasy called "sacred land" ... Go PALESTINA! Soon there wont be any walls blocking the sun!
Meh. If people want to kill each other then let them, if they want to hate each other let them. Eventually, they will be one less problem in the world.
A servant of the Most High God
The G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Israel will see this argument through. A land given by Him will always belong to the reciever, the Jewish people. I am not Jewish, I am insignificant, but I have visited this beautiful land 3 times now met good Jews and good Arabs, but the Jewish peoples home will never be torn from the hand of the Lord. What He has given, no-one will take away.Blessed be the Name of the Lord. Blessed be his holy name.
At the outset I would like to say that I am an Arab Egyptian Muslim and there are some of you say that Islam orders us to kill and this is not true if you read the Koran you will find that he was ordering the peace and not war and you say we blow up and kill innocents in the name of Islam they are just some of the extremists, you have extremists like you who do not want the Jews Peace and also kill innocent children in Gaza Is your religion commands you vindicated
By the way, I'm 17 and do not kill or steal, as you say, the Arab youth, but I know, I am doing everything I want In Egypt we have complete freedom to do what we want because we are an advanced and civilized and do not order to kill a Muslim, but with love and brotherhood, cooperation and when you go to Egypt to find all religions and all Alojanas exercise their religion freely not just the journalist says that in Israel there is religious freedom in the end I would like to say that the Muslims interviewed severe racism from all over the world and do not know why Is it
chris moyler
I write to you from London UK, where a little group of christians, gathered from many churches, meet regularly to pray for Israel, and to explore how all that we treasure most as christians, we have received through Israel. As anti-semitism rises in the UK and in the west generally, we want to say that we love Israel dearly, even though we do not always agree with what she does. This amazing little piece here, focusses the mind wonderfully, and we are very grateful to you for giving it to us. It does make me wonder however, whether the people of Israel realize what a massive price was paid for the freedom they currently enjoy. I also wonder whether many pause a moment in their busy days to give thanks to Adonai, the source of all true freedom in this world. Shalom from the UK, keep up the good work, Chris
Riiight, because it's not like the Israeli government has sent bulldozers into Palestinian territories, destroying homes and schools and killing innocent civilians... oh, wait... Look, I have nothing against Israel or Israelis. You guys have a right to exist as a nation, and most of you are peaceful, wonderful people. The suicide bombers who kill your citizens are evil, and anyone who threatens war against you simply because you are Jewish deserves to rot in hell. Thing is, not every Arab country is as barbaric and blood-thirsty as you describe them, and not every Muslim is a suicide-bomber-in-training. Those are the extremists. In addition, Arabs have also been victims of violence at the hands of the Israeli. Does that mean all Jews are bad? Of course not. It does, however, mean that your government isn't as innocent as you make them out to be. No one is the good or bad guy here. Each side has been victimized at some point, and both have victimized the other. This stupid blood feud isn't going to end until both sides stop buying into government propaganda and realize that, at the end of the day, most Arabs and most Jews simply want to live in peace.
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I stayed for a few time in this country and knew so much things about that exotic culture, I hope to come back soon.
Excellent article because I can get perfect information from here, I'd like to find more information like this, I'm so glad with this blog.
dirk from holland
hello I think the problem is not the arabic people and also not the jewisch people, the hate between them is a verry old problem, and in fact your religion is almost the same, you have other names for the persons in the bible or koran but the "story" is the same, i can not believe that the gouverments of the states you are living in (I'm talking about the goiverments of all those country's)can not find pease for all people, this story is so old nobody can tell who did start the fight and that is not important to, the most important thing is who can stop this fight
You have featured out a deep detail differences between israel and arabic countries. It is a huge attitude of treating people living in Israel or in a arabic country.
all what you said is just a matter of lie!! why you do not put pictures of how israel kills people in Gaza and Dhiffa by their weapons every day?! Is it a shame that a boy holdthe muslim sky book Al-Quraan in his hand? Is it a shame that ladies and girls cover their hair and boddies so that no body vcamn have alook? compare to your girls: In fact the israelian ladies are prostitutes and their brothers or husbands never mind to see them fucked in their presence so that in Islam we believe that you are the grandchildren of pigs because these are the only animals which use their females for sex. You are enemies not only of Muslims, but of Allah "your God". go to the hell that will be your future life in sha Allah
These are great pics. It was almost like being there with you!
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I have yet to visit Israel. Your pics make it look very enticing. Thanks.
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Very cool!!! Thank you!
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Israel @ Egypt @ Lebanon forever
This article is as intriguing as it is informative. I read through this information and couldn't find a thing wrong with it. I can't imagine anyone writing this article better.
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