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Wednesday, 30 April 2008


J. Lichty
The sadness overcoming me for the young child and the baby in the photo above makes me think of my 5 year old boy's love for his baby sister, and I am overwhelmed at what these poor souls had to endure. And then of course I realize that, while the history is distant, once again in a few words, you manage to move to great awareness and sadness that the world has either not learned its lesson, or that it has learned its lesson all too well and is trying to apply what it has learned again. Sadly, I don't know which to hope for.
John Michael Chanslor
This is my father's photo. As familiar as I am with it, I never noticed what you saw: the young child reaching out for the baby. Perhaps I was too appalled to examine the photo as closely as I should have. Bless you for your insight and empathy. Here is a link to my original posting, which includes the other three photos: http://www.southboundmusic.net/wwii/dadsphotos.htm John Michael Chanslor

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