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Wednesday, 27 May 2009


What can we do people? Something has to be done and only we can do it. Our government is spending our money to help HAMAS. We need to stand up now or it will be too late people. Someone needs to organize an opposition.We the people are just going along with the sheep and it's going to take us to the slaughter house. We need to IMPEACH the terrorist..
I live in Olympia and I'm surrounded by Evergreeners. I'm all alone and I have a few friends who think as I do. How can we let the president crush Capitolism. The Supreme court is as guilty as congress. Why is everyone in charge at the moment stupid in common sense and unhonest. The Democrats are all lying to us as they destroy our country. If anything, they are making homeade terrorists. They are all getting fat checks and will soon feel the wraith of the people. They use our money for their own pleasures and it's time we do something... We are being lied to guys.. Hello?

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