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Sunday, 28 March 2010


Mannie Sherberg
The best thing about the sentence for which Rick won the richly-deserved Best Sentence award is his selection of the perfect adjective: Orwellian -- which flawlessly describes not only the "right of return" but everything else covered in your post. The Orwellian future -- which is rapidly becoming the Orwellian present -- is a world in which all the furniture of the mind is topsy-turvy: language, logic, meaning -- all are turned upside-down and inside out, so that truth becomes falsehood, fact becomes fiction, and honesty becomes deception. I wonder: Will the day come when "Orwellian" is nothing more than an old-fashioned synonym for "Obamanistic"? Maybe those Republicans who consider Obama the anti-Christ are right. After all, the anti-Christ is supposed to be a figure who wreaks great evil under the guise of sanctity. Sounds about right to me.
yeshiva son
You could try to edit the wikipedia entry.
Mannie Sherberg
yeahiva son -- you've put your finger on a serious problem. As I understand it, Wikipedia entries can be edited by one reader and re-edited by another -- ad infinitum. This means that a lie can be replaced by the truth today, only to replaced by another lie tomorrow. The problem is not with this or that particular Wikipedia entry, but with the absurd post-modern notion that the truth is whatever the readers -- no matter how ignorant or benighted -- want it to be. This is relativism run amok -- and cockamamie, to boot. Maimonides spotted the difficulty a long time ago, when he wrote, in the Guide to the Perplexed, that "A truth, established by proof, does not gain in force from the support of scholars, nor does it lose its certainty because of popular dissent." In other words, the truth is the truth -- and until the honchos at Wikipedia accept that fact, the site will reamin worthless.
RE: CIA Factbook. I am not sure of "Jewish" as an "ethnic group." It certainly, in Israel is NOT a monolithic ethnic group, by any means. Maybe a more accurate break down would be "Ashkenazim, Sephardim, Mizrahim, Beta Israel..." And the "non-Jewish, mostly Arab" is also INACCURATE!! No mention of the Armenians, Circassians, Asian immigrants such as Vietnamese and Thai... Thanks for point this out! This is RIDICULOUS!!

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