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Sunday, 28 March 2010


Mannie Sherberg
The line about "the credibility of this administration" comes not from Obama but from an "unnamed U. S. officlal." Still and all, you can bet your schmaltz-flavored matzo ball that the idea reflects the thinking of Obama -- a man who would put the real Narcissus to shame. The real Narcissus pined after his unattainable love -- himself -- and finally died of a broken heart. My guess is that his death was hastened because, like most lovers who yearn for the unattainable, his appetite for food was severely impaired. Not so the current Narcissus-in-Chief, whose appetite for himself in no way conflicts with his appetite for food. This man will dine tomorrow night on matzo balls so savory, so succulent, so schmaltzy that he may have to enroll in Michelle's anti-obesity program. How appropriate: the world's greatest matzo balls for the world's greatest human being! Jackie Mason, where are you when we need you?
yeshiva son
Did he actually say "next year in the white house"? I can't tell what is real news and what is satire anymore.
According to the New York Times, he did indeed. I would guess he thought it was funny (i.e. satirical) when he said it, given that he doesn't understand what "next year in Jerusalem" means to us. He has no idea of anything bigger than himself because he has yet to encounter anything bigger than himself. Twenty years ago, he might have thought that Jeremiah Wright was bigger, but these days he can throw whomever he wants under the bus. If I cared one iota for this man, I would worry for his soul; saying such things seems tantamount to "calling out" Hashem. As much as I despise the president, I wouldn't want to be in his shoes when Hashem responds. The only comfort I can find is in the thought that Jerusalem is eternal... and Obama is not.

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