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Wednesday, 23 June 2010


Michael Krauss
Very good find, Anne! However, McChrystal should not have fallen for this scam. He should have known better. Unlike mere politicians, generals are trained to be on guard against feints of all kinds. His departure is a loss for our nation. As one whose son will likely be in Afghanistan before year's end, though, I'm glad that the incompetence of the nation's leaders has been put on display in the RS piece. Maybe they will wake up. Or maybe the nation will.
Anne Lieberman
Michael, I agree that McChrystal shouldn't have fallen for it. Living not in America but in Afghanistan these last years, he didn't recognize the deception, didn't realize that an American journalistic hack could be a dangerous enemy. Either that, or he figured this was the only way to get his opinions out where The People could see them. If in fact it wasn't an intentional "leak," then I think we have to admit in his defense, that no one could ever have imagined that Rolling Stone Magazine could influence the military decisions of the Commander-in-Chief. Who reads that rag, anyway? Well, apparently Robert Gibbs does -- and the rest is history. I will tell you this -- It doesn't make me feel very secure to see that an admitted hack like Hastings wields the kind of power needed to undo the leadership of a major American war effort. In fact, it scares me to death.

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