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Friday, 02 July 2010


Michael Krauss
Anne, I think both these fine governors have lots left to do in NJ and AZ. But I think Mitch Daniels is ready to be President!
Mannie Sherberg
To purloin an old baseball cliche, the GOP has a deep bench -- and it's going to get even deeper in coming months. But I must say that I'm not aware of any politician on the national scene at this moment who's as rhetorically gifted as Chris Christie. When he talks, he's all the things Obama is not: quick on his feet, clear, forceful, and common-sensical. It's plain as day that when he opens his mouth, he says what he believes. He comes across as a pull-no-punches guy. In today's mealy-mouth, weasel-word, double-speak, mumbo-jumbo, hocus-pocus environment, that alone could make him our next president. As we go into the July 4th weekend, I can't think of a cheerier thought.

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