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Friday, 24 December 2010


Mannie Sherberg
This is a story that needs to be told -- but so far has attracted little notice. Egypt is a powder keg -- and the spark will reach the powder the instant Mubarak dies, which -- according to all reports -- cannot be far off. The Muslim Brotherhood, which originated in Egypt and is, despite its international presence, still very much an Egyptian organization, and it detests Mubarak with all its soul. If, as is widely predicted, Mubarak's son succeeds him, the MB will do everything in its power to topple him before he gets comfortable. If they succeed -- and I wouldn't bet against them -- the Egyptian jihad against Israel will resume. The Jordanian situation is equally shaky. A huge number of Jordanians are Palestinians, who would no doubt be very happy to bring down the king and then unite Jordan with the West Bank in one very large Palestinian state. If either of these regime changes were to happen, Israel's strategic problems would multiply exponentially overnight. For years, Israel has focused its attention on Gaza and Lebanon. The establishment of jihadi governments in either Egypt or Jordan would make Israel's situation far more tenuous than it's been since 1967.
Kae Gregory
This is an example of smoke clearing, imo. One would have thought that when Turkey began revealing her cards that it would have been clear that Israel stands abjectly alone. Even Israel's political class, whose interests, for the most part, lie in fostering their images to the world body politic, are on the opposing side of this issue. At a time when world leaders tout a solution being closer than ever, the peace process is a bigger joke than ever. The only thing that is closer than ever is the possibility of Israel's destruction. And further (before I yield the soapbox) the rise in anti-Semitism through the world is largely down played, and that is masking a lit fuse, imo. If the world economy fails to recover, this problem will deepen because in the end, someone has to be blamed.
i like to read your posts. thanks for this one.

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