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Tuesday, 21 December 2010


Please, please, please, please, Obama! I almost get an ulcer whenever I think about the injustice that has been done in this case. If Obama pardoned him, I might have to take back every negative thing I've ever said about him. I will definitely keep it in my prayers!
Mannie Sherberg
I'm reluctant to shout "antisemitism" -- but I believe this is one case where an unusually harsh sentence was handed out because of antisemitism. The antisemite in this case was Caspar Weinberger, Secretary of Defense at the time of the Pollard trial. who demanded that Pollard receive no leniency whatsoever. If Weinberger's last name "sounds" Jewish, that's because it is. His father was a Jew whose parents left the religion over a dispute with members of their synagogue in Czechoslovakia; his mother was a Christian. He was raised in a non-religious household, but went on to become an Episcopalian. I won't waste my time on psycho-hocus-pocus in an effort to explain why Weinberger had it in for a Jewish spy, but, at the time of the trial, there was much conjecture that Pollard's sentence would have been lighter had he not been Jewish -- and had Weinberger not been the SecDef. Pollard was a spy for a foreign government, he did relay secret information to a foreign government, and he did deserve to be punished. But the sentence in this case was over the top. I'm sure Obama and his advisers know this as well as I do. It will be interesting to see if Obama has what it takes to right a wrong.
Hmm, I wouldn't be surprised if that was part of it. I do remember reading on some Pollard site (maybe even a link from here) that part of it was that the Israeli government was embarrassed about the whole thing and didn't want the US to go easy on him, or didn't push very hard to get him released. It's just so sad. Sigh. I know Hashem can bring good out of this, like He did with Joseph in prison in Egypt, but it just seems like such a waste of life, it is hard to understand.

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