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Monday, 31 January 2011


Mannie Sherberg
Joel C. Rosenberg is a born-again Christian whose father, raised in an Orthodox Jewish family, converted -- along with his wife -- to Christianity. Joel C. has been quite successful as a writer on the Middle East and as a novelist. For a number of years, he worked as a consultant to both Natan Sharansky and Bibi Netanyahu. Interesting background, to say the least.
Chris Taus
To think that this mob in Middle East could create freedoms relative to western norms can only be seen though western ethnocentrism. It is ingrained in us to believe that people will always chose liberty as we know it. As such a belief such as this can only be explained through the fiat of ignorance, or the clouded vision of irrational emotive compassion.
I heard Joel Rosenberg speak when I was in Israel. He wrote a series of best selling novels that talk about the war of Gog and Magog and how that might play out if it were to happen in today's world (kind of similar in concept to the Left Behind books); I've not read them myself, but I did read his nonfiction book on the topic. Very interesting stuff. He loves Israel and has an organization that raises money and gives it to groups that are working with victims of terror in the Middle East. He is a very pro-Israel force in the Christian world. He's also worked with the Steve Forbes campaign and for Rush Limbaugh, along with the people that Mr. Sherberg mentioned.

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