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Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Mannie Sherberg
This will signal -- if the new government lasts more than a few days -- a tectonic shift in the politics of the Middle East. My guess is that there's much more quivering and quaking in Sunni countries like Saudi Arabia and Egypt than there is in Israel. Throughout modern history, we in the West have assumed that the Middle East was -- and would remain -- a Sunni region of the world with a small and insignificant minority of Shi'ites. That changed, of course, in 1979, but even then -- with the single exception of Iran -- the Middle East remained predominantly Sunni. Suddenly, with Hezbollah's takeover of Lebanon, it and Iran -- with a compliant Syria in-between -- make up a very large chunk of the Middle East. And -- given the fact that there are enormous rifts between Sunnis and Shi'ites -- this can only mean that tremors are being felt throughout the Sunni world. With Tunisia facing a very uncertain future, and with Egypt on the brink of what could be radical change, the next few years could see unimaginable turmoil in the Muslim world. What this augurs for Israel is, of course, unpredicatable. But one thing is certain: at this moment, Israel's bitterest and most vicious enemies are on the march.

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