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Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Mannie Sherberg
Yael -- your headline says "Leftists Flirt With Antisemitism." I would say that this is more than a flirtation, more than coquetry, more than philandering. This is more like outright coitus. Walt and the hard-core antisemites are so tightly intertwined that it is impossible to tell which is which -- which means, I believe, that for all practical purposes they are one and the same. I'd say Walt declared himself an antisemite on the day he put his name on the infamous "The Israel Lobbby and U. S. Foreign Policy," which he co-wrote with his fellow Jew-averse heavy thinker John Mearsheimer. The flirtation, I fear, ended a long time ago. This is now a torrid love affair.
Perhaps now would be a good time to remember Arthur Bierman's 2006 spot-on essay on how the Left has changed: “Many years ago, when I was young, the Left was an honorable antifascist movement. It fought racism, anti-Semitism, clerical obscurantism; it supported modernity, science, humanism. Today’s Left defends fascist thugs like Saddam Hussein and Islamo-fascist parties like Hamas and Hezbollah — parties that advocate returning to the Seventh century, and preach the most virulent form of anti-Semitism. When I was young, men of the Left fought Fascism in Spanish trenches and on the beaches of Normandy; they would have been ashamed to shake a Nazi killer’s hand. Today’s Left activists preach Chamberlain’s gospel of appeasement, and Left guru Chomsky joins Hezbollah leader Nasrallah on Lebanese TV, shakes his hand and voices approval of his 12,000-rocket arsenal donated to Hezbollah by Iran’s mullahs for Israel’s destruction. How low the Left has sunk since I was young.”
The piece that Jessica quotes is called "How the Left has changed: Once a bastion of principle, now a supporter of thugs" and is available in full (scroll down) at http://bokertov.typepad.com/btb/2009/06/baruch-dayan-haemes.html See also "A Day in Nazi Germany" http://zioneocon.blogspot.com/2003/11/i-am-honored-that-arthur-has-allowed.html Arthur Bierman is deeply missed and his memory is a blessing. We are fortunate to have his words and thoughts still with us; otherwise we would have to traverse the rugged terrain of current events without his wisdom to accompany us.
At some point in the future, you will be ashamed of your praise of *any* element of "the Left" at *any* point in history. They were NEVER good.

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