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Thursday, 07 April 2011


Mannie Sherberg
Remarkable! A couple of years ago, criticism of Barack Obama on NBC was as rare as mermaids in the Sahara. Today, we not only heard criticism of Obama on NBC, but the criticism was treated with respect by Meredith Viera, who up until now has been an Obama cheerleader. What accounts for this sudden transformation? Could it be that the acquisition of 51% of NBC Universal by Comcast has led to a new corporate policy vis-a-vis Obama? Could the sycophancy toward the One that prevailed when GE controlled the company now be a thing of the past? Or could it be that because Trump's show -- The Apprentice -- is such a profitable meal-ticket for NBC, he gets to say things on the network that no one else could get away with? I certainly don't know, but I sure was delighted to hear him spouting off this morning. This man -- if he enters the presidential race -- is certain to shake up a field that desperately needs shaking up, and to add spice to a campaign that promises, at present, to be as bland as a knish without a filling. Imagine! The man uttered "birther" sentiments out loud on national TV -- and the Republic still stands!
Mannie, yes, I loved it too. A moment of truth on mainstream TV news. Is it possible that the media wouldn't "palinize" Trump, or couldn't? It's a mystery, but the possibilities are intriguing... and encouraging. I'd sure as heck vote him if the election were held today, but then I'd vote for almost anyone over The Won.
Mannie Sherberg
Yael -- my guess is that the "palinization" of Donald Trump hasn't yet begun because -- for the moment -- the media don't really believe he'll run, or, if he does run, that he'll become a serious contender. So they're treating him as a curiosity or a freak in the political side-show -- someone who's diverting and entertaining but not to be taken seriously. If he does get into the race -- and if he picks up traction -- then I'd bet the media will heap upon his head all the malice and all the mendacity of which they're capable. The Left -- and that includes, of course, the mainstream media -- decided to demonize Sarah Palin because they saw her as a real and dangerous threat who had to be destroyed. Once they see Trump as a real and dangerous threat rather than a good-for-a-few-chuckles oddity, he'll be slated for destruction too. After all, cut-throat politics is what the Left does.
Tom Glennon
While I respect both of your views, I have a strong distrust of Trumps judgment. His inclusion of the anti-Semitic, anti-American actor Gary Busey on his TV show is beyond any rational decision for someone who aspires to the presidency. We have had over two years of an amateur. I don't think we can tolerate another "star" who lacks the ability to connect consequences with actions.
Mannie Sherberg
Tom -- thanks for the heads-up. I've never watched Trump's show, so I have no idea who appears on it, and I know next to nothing about Gary Busey. Can you direct me, please, to some links that might fill me in? This sounds like something I should know about, but I must plead complete ignorance. On the subject of Trump's candidacy, I can only say you're exactly right. It's far too early to make any commitments. All I can or will say at this juncture is that I find the guy's candor refreshing; at the moment, most of the currently-declared candidates strike me as a mealy-mouthed crew -- and whatever else Trump may be, he's not mealy-mouthed. Having said that, I confess that I have no idea where Trump stands on Israel, on foreign or defense policy, on immigration, on school vouchers or abortion or drilling in Anwar or a whole host of other topics. So, I'm not ready to make him -- or, so far, anyone else -- "my" candidate. But I'm still intrigued by the Gary Busey matter. So I'll appreciate any information you can lead me to.
Tom Glennon
In 2006, American actors Gary Busey (Buddy Holly Story) and Billy Zane (The Phantom and Titanic) starred in a Turkish film called Valley of the Wolves. Basic story line was American soldiers in Iraq murdering civilians, then working with a team of Israeli doctors to harvest organs, and sell them on the black market. It was a huge hit in Muslim countries, where it was billed as a docu-drama. The Wall Street Journal called it a marriage of American Psycho and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. It certainly was designed to inflame Muslims against both the American military, and Israeli Jews. Of course, we can never know if this film incited violence against either group; but the fact that these two actors sold out their country, and displayed their anti-Semitic sentiments, is shameful by any measure. The Donald chose to feature Busey in his Apprentice series. That is why I question his judgment. Would Trump approve of using Jane Fonda to portray the wife of Col Hal Moore, the heroic commander of the American forces at the battle of The Ia Drang Valley in Vietnam (We Were Soldiers Once and Young)? (Yes, I am still bitter about Fonda). As I said, actions lead to consequences. By the way, if you want to understand the Vietnam War, read the book about Col Moore.
The man has balls and seems well-equipped to make the case for himself and against Obama without pulling any punches or worrying about being politically correct. I hope he runs, at least in the primaries, to help burst the media image of Obama. I was hoping someone here might know if he tends to be pro-Israel or not. I don't know about Gary Busey, but I remember one season of the Apprentice where he fired a woman for making negative remarks about what she thought were Jewish women.
Mannie Sherberg
Tom -- many thanks. This is all new information to me. I've never heard of "The Wolves" or of Billy Zane, and Gary Busey is not much more than a name to me. Apparently, I'm even more out of touch than I've suspected. Plainly, the question of what a guy like Busey is doing on Trump's show is a question Trump will have to answer, should he decide to run -- unless the media give him a free ride, as they did with Obama. In any event, I appreciate your taking the time to write as fully as you have. And it's nice to know there's someone else in the world who despises Jane Fonda as much as I do.

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