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Monday, 11 April 2011


Mannie Sherberg
There's an interesting connection, I think, between this post and the one that precedes it. In the preceding post, Daniel Greenfield remarks that we've changed from a pragmatic, goal-oriented society to a political, ideology-driven society. Or -- to use Carl in Jerusalem's phrase -- "just do it already" is something, according to Daniel, we can no longer do. Apparently, that's as true in Israel as it in the U. S. For years now, the Israelis have been critical of Barak as someone whose concern for the political consequnces of this or that potential action renders him incapable of actually taking the action. Much the same can be said of Barack Obama. The West has become a civilization in which -- for whatever reason -- Hamlets rise to the top. That's unfortunately not the case in the Muslim world. Does anyone doubt that on the day Ahmadinejad and the mullahs get their bomb, their motto will be: "Just do it already!"? And that they'll "do it" by dropping the damn thing?

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