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Thursday, 29 December 2011


Mannie Sherberg
If indeed the GOP Ruling Class would never go for a West-Rubio ticket, then it's interesting to speculate why. One might conjecture that, being a group of die-hard stick-in-the-muds, they still believe all that stuff about the "necessity" of a balanced ticket -- and an all-Florida ticket just ain't balanced. But then, conversely, one could argue that a ticket featuring an African-American and a Hispanic-American is about as balanced as a ticket can get. But that leads to a second conjecture: Could it be that such a ticket just wouldn't be ... well, shall we say, Waspish enough? I hate to surmise that there might actually be troglodytes among the GOP Ruling Class who think in such primeval terms -- but there really doesn't seem to be a third plausible conjecture. I dunno. Maybe the GOP should make Zombie its nominee. Seems like the ideal candidate to me. Nobody knows what his or her sex or skin color is -- and nobody knows what state he or she hails from. And if Zombie has a clone, we could make Zombie2 Zombie's running mate. Now there's a real dream ticket. And one that should have no trouble passing muster with the GOP Ruling Class.
Rob Miller
As much as we like them, both Col. West and Senator Rubio have both said explicitly they're not interested in the presidency at this time. As with Sarah Palin, if you respect the person you have to respect their decision. Rubio would make a wonderful VP candidate however, and I'd love to see Col. West as SecDef if he wanted the job, although it might be better to see him in the Senate someday.

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