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Thursday, 29 December 2011


Mannie Sherberg
I'd call Goldman's post "provocative," but there's no reason why it should become controversial. Paul has ties not only to the mullahs, but -- in what would appear to be a different direction -- the Occupy movement. All of these guys are classic reactionaries or retrogressives or revisionaries. They all yearn to return to a glorious but mythical past. Paul wants to go back to George Washington's no-entangling-alliances version of America -- a version that never existed except in a speech. The mullahs want to go back to the purity of Mohammed's original Islam -- which was actually soaked in blood and superstition. The Occupiers want to go back to Rousseau's state-of-nature -- in which everyone presumably lived in altruistic innocence -- a state of being that every anthropologist agrees is a figment. In fact, every mass movement of modern times -- including Naziism, Communism, anarchism -- as well as much smaller movements like Transcendentalism and communitarianism -- has been reactionary to its core: a hankering after a time of sinless innocence that never was and never -- in this world -- will be. But none of these reactionaries have ever been willing to admit they're ractionary -- and so they adopt titles for themselves like "progressive" or "libertarian" or such other flapdoodle. All of these folks are, to one degree or another, psychological misfits who refuse to accept the world into which they were born and hanker after a world that never was. Goldman is right. In the very deepest recesses of their psyches, Ron Paul and Mahmoud Ajmadinejad are kissin' cousins.
Article on our candidates by Israeli: http://lewrockwell.com/orig12/farber-r1.1.1.htm Please go to to tube and search Netanyahu and Ron Paul as one search. They agree on what our foreign policy should be in regard to Israel. Also, when Israel bombed Saddam's nuke plant, only Ron Paul, among US politicians supported that move publicly. All the other weasels played both sides, as they always do. Many Blessings for the New Year,

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