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Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Mannie Sherberg
Neither of the two skeptics quoted in this post tells us anything we don't already know. General Cartwright admits "we could certainly bomb the place," but couldn't be sure of complete success. Mr. Sachs tells us that the mission would be "very difficult" and "could trigger retaliatory action." So what else is new? Exactly the same reservations could have been -- and probably were -- voiced about every Allied bombing run during World War II -- and every other war for that matter. There is never a guarantee that any military mission of any type will fully or even partially succeed, and there is no guarantee that any military mission will not provoke retaliation. The question is always: Are the stakes high enough to justify the risk? If Obama's looking for a way to cop-out of action against Iran, all he has to do is tell us that eliminating -- or even slowing down -- Iran's attainment of nuclear weapons isn't worth the risk involved. It'll be interesting to see if even he -- the champion of "audacity" -- is audacious enough to tell that lie to the American people.
Mannie Sherberg
The moniker of the aptly-named Antony Blinken reminds me of the endearing old Eugene Field nursery rhyme, "Winken, Blinken, and Nod." W, B, and N were all fishermen -- and there's something decidedly fishy about Mr. Blinken's remarks. Maybe the administration, with a wink and a nod toward Iran, is sending a signal to the mullahs that, in the end, it will blink and do nothing about the nuclear-bomb threat, which isn't really a threat at all but just some noise from Republicans "ratcheting up tensions." Interestingly, nothing in Mr. Blinken's remarks threatens Iran -- but the last paragraph certainly does threaten any Republican dissenters. This administration lives in a nursery-rhyme world.
Tom Glennon
As always, Mannie is spot on. No military plan survives the first the shot. There are no guarantees in a military conflict. What we do know is the level of training and intelligence that the Israeli military have. Any action they take, with or without American assistance, will only be taken if there is a high degree of expectation that some success will be achieved.

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