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Sunday, 25 March 2012


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Mannie Sherberg
When it comes to knocking down lies about Zionism and the Jewish people, Rick Richman is a one-man demolition crew. One would think that Beinart -- who must have learned something in college about documentation -- would be smart enough to know that there is always a genuine expert out there who can quickly and easily blow up falsehoods and doubletalk. So why would Beinart risk the falsehoods and the doubletalk? Because the Left -- all of it, not just our president -- is so smug in its self-righteousness that it equates "righteousness" with "rightness." Those who believe that the Torah of Liberalism has supplanted the Torah are not only mendacious meshugges -- they are self-deluding shlemiels. Shame on Peter Beinart and CUNY. All praise to the redoubtable Rick Richman!

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