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Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Mannie Sherberg
Without waiting for definitive conclusions from the cops, we can safely say that the model for what happened in Toulouse was, of course, Mumbai -- and that will no doubt be a model for Jew-killers for a long time to come. What could be simpler -- or more efficient? Zero-in on a Jewish institution, go there, and start shooting anyone and everyone in sight; you're sure to end up with a number of dead Jews. The Mumbai massacre, we now know, was carefully planned and directed from outside. The Toulouse massacre may or may not have been pulled off by freelancers. The details don't really matter. What matters is that, for the umpteenth time in history, it's open season on Jews -- and the Jew-hunters have found an easy way to bag their prey. As for those three neo-Nazis who've been cleared by the police: It's a sure bet that their only regret was that they weren't smart enough to pull off this carnage and get the credit for it.
The other harrowing analogy to Mumbai was that it was the Rabbi and his family that were targeted. It may not have been a coincidence, and though as Mannie says, we have to await the results of an investigation, we may find out that this act was more planned than we know.

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