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Monday, 30 April 2012


Mannie Sherberg
In "Gulliver's Travels" -- the finest work of satire in the English language -- Gulliver, a man of normal size, is shipwrecked on an island populated by the Lilliputians, all of whom are shorter than six inches. They treat him well until he displeases them, and then they sentence him to be blinded. He luckily escapes. The rancid little people -- the Jewish Lilliputians -- who are now defaming one of the great Jewish intellectuals of modern times, consider him a blind man only because they are themselves blind to what real scholarship and invincible truth-telling look like. Benzion Netanyahu and his towering reputation will escape the slings and arrows of the heinous homunculi who are now attacking him. If a history of modern Jewish culture is someday written, it may well be named "Benzion's Travels." It will surely not be named "MJay's Travels." It should be noted that men like Joseph Klausner and Uri Tzvi Greenberg rank, alongside such people as Bialik and Ahad Ha'am and Gershom Scholem. among the aristocracy of modern Jewish thinkers and writers. Benzion Netanyahu was one of their number -- one of a nobility of unabashedly proud Jews who bequeathed to the State of Israel and to Western Culture at large a cultural foundation that will endure as long as freethinking people are around to appreciate it.
Tom Glennon
Notwithstanding his own accomplishments, the fact that Ben-Zion Netanyahu raised two sons named Benjamin and Yonatan should endear him to all right thinking peoples. As a father and grandfather, I have immense respect for anyone who can raise children with the character of those two men. It speaks volumes as to the kind of person that the senior Mr. Netanyahu was. Would that we had more like him.
Laser Stafford VA
Interesting post. I have been wondering about this issue,so thanks for posting.

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