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Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Tom Glennon
HOORAY!! The War On Terror is over!! Now we can dissolve the Department of Homeland Security, and tell the TSA they no longer need to pat down a 4 year old girl because Grandma might have slipped a gun into her teddy bear. Oh, and Big Sis will have to give up her chauffeur driven limousine.
Mannie Sherberg
The Barack Chamberlain pic says it all. What baffles me is how such poltroons ascend to positions of power. Obviously, they get there because other poltroons vote for them -- but that only complicates the mystery; it doesn't solve it. Chesterton probably had part of the answer back in 1931, when he said "Democracy means government by the uneducated." One thing is certain: as long as we have electorates who vote dastards into high office, we will end up with Barack Chamberlains or Neville Obamas or whatever you call them -- and as long as we do that, the West will remain in mortal peril.

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