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Wednesday, 04 April 2012


Tom Glennon
Today I again heard a reporter refer to Obama as a former law professor. He was an adjunct (guest) lecturer, mostly discussing the Alinsky principles, not constitutional law. If the media cannot (or will not)get this simple fact correct, is it any wonder that they don't accurately cover anything he does or says?
Mannie Sherberg
Agreed, Obama wants "unlimited government," but he wants something more than that: omnipotent government. And he's close to having both. He's already treating the Congress as if it doesn't exist -- and now he's claiming the appellate courts have no Constitutional role. That leaves us with a one-branch government with unlimited power. What I can't figure out is what he intends to do after they raze the Supreme Court building. It looks to me like the perfect site for a big-box store -- but I suspect they'll erect a big monument to the One instead.
attack on Iran
SCOTUS has stepped in and said "this far, but no further".
PRESS RELEASE FOR ISRAEL BLOGGERS ONLY: Though this information has been released in the United States, most of the world is unaware that the Messiah has come, and has fulfilled all major Jewish, Christian, Gnostic and Masonic prophecies. He has been demonstrating unprecedented miracles, and has been punishing "apostate Christians" in America, on a massive scale. On Thursday April 12th 2012, he will be introduced to Israel, and he will be holding a live press event "for Israel bloggers only" at 7pm (Jerusalem time). He will be taking questions live, and you will be able to simulcast this interview on your blog, and ask him questions. If you are skeptical it is understandable, but unquestionable evidence has been gathered since his introduction in the U.S, and you can read some of it, and see the amazing video proof here: http://www.LordRayEl.org. To better your chances of having your questions answered, we ask that you submit them in writing no later than April 9th, and we will reply with instructions on how your blog needs to connect to the event. You may begin promoting this event to your followers now. You have received this invitation from one of our clergy, but to send your questions and confirm your participation, send email to: media-inquiries@ra-el.org with "Blog Interview" in the subject line.
Zechariah 14:4/Acts 1:10-12. Jerusalem--in Israel--will be the first, not the second, not the third, but the first (IOW, Raymond, you've got that part backwards). "So how about that Engel v. Vitale..." /sarc

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