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Thursday, 12 April 2012


In the meantime, Obama's saying that poor Mooochelle "didn't have the luxury" of staying home with her children. http://cnsnews.com/news/article/obama-why-michelle-was-working-mom-316k-year-we-didnt-have-luxury-her-not-work It seems we as a nation need to have a long overdue discussion about what women's "liberation" has actually meant for women and whether or not we are really "free" to choose for ourselves among life's options. I've been around the block on this one several times, so I'm ready and willing to talk about it. Maybe after Pesach...
Mannie Sherberg
When I first heard this story, my reaction was, "There's no cure for stupidity." But on second thought, I'm convinced it wasn't stupidity at all. It was a prime example of the insularity, the provincialism, the narrow-mindedness of the Left -- a Left that wallows in self-righteous pettiness and constipated thinking. Rosen is but one of a vast horde of Lefties -- women and men -- who consider themselves paragons of sophistication, savoir-faire, and other such peacockery, when in fact they are as cramped and constricted in their outlook as any yokel who ever put on KKK robes. Rosen deserves to become the poster child for Obama's campaign: the buffoonish bigot who is taken seriously only by other buffoonish bigots.
Barack Hussein Obama: Grand Imperial Wizard of the Democrat Party (a.k.a., the DDD).

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