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Wednesday, 09 May 2012


Mannie Sherberg
What a delightfully goofy story! And what a heartening one! Those 40% of West Virginia voters who voted for Keith Judd proved that there are sill plenty of Americans out there who have the same ornery cussedness, the same rambunctious free-spirit, and the same don't-tread-on-me defiance that built this country in the first place. I couldn't have dreamed up a more encouraging story. (By the way, I understand that Mr. Judd is now entitled to one delegate at the Dim's national convention. It'll be fun to see what the DNC does about that.)
Mannie, I should have mentioned that most of the counties won by Mr. Judd were in our southern coalfield areas. Obama's War on Coal has not made him a lot of friends among the now-unemployed coal miners.
Mannie Sherberg
Then all I can say, Yael, is "Good for the coal miners!" I'm sure they're despondent and demoralized, but yesterday they summoned the spunk and the spirit to go to the polls and, by voting as they did, made a statement that's now been heard across the country. And they made the statement a helluva lot more effectively than they would have if they'd gone out on the streets and held signs in a demonstration. These plainly are not people who have let joblessness turn them into torpid zombies; these are people who showed they've got what the early frontiersmen used to call "a rampageous spirit." I hope that, come November, the rest of the country proves equally rampageous.
Excellent word, rampageous. I will have to remember it.

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