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Friday, 04 May 2012


Mannie Sherberg
Excellent reporting and analysis, Yael. That dipsy-doodle 8.1 number and the "downward trajectory" that the administration will soon be trumpeting may fool some voters, but it's not fooling the market. A couple of minutes ago the Dow was down 130 points -- not exactly a shout of acclamation. The really spooky number in today's stats is, I think, the paltry 115,000 new jobs created. We are watching the American economy shrivel before our eyes. In the meanwhile, Obama is poised somewhere between the frying pan and the fire. If he continues his socialist undermining of the economy, things will only get much worse. If he shifts gears and adopts some Republican fixes -- the only fixes that will work -- he will forfeit the election to Romney. This is a bad day for Obama; much more troubling, this is (another) bad day for the United States.

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