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Monday, 07 May 2012


Mannie Sherberg
I suppose some of the Leftie news hacks are mere tools -- wily opportunists who will write anything that'll pay off. In the early days -- before reporters got upgraded to "journalists" -- these guys were called "word-sellers" or "penny-a-liners" -- mercenaries with a typewriter, hirelings who were always available to the highest bidder. But I think most of today's media myrmidons are players -- guys and gals who have always believed -- and still do -- that Obama is The One who will lead us into the socialist Promised Land, where we shall all abide in Edenic felicity. And why wouldn't they believe this dreck? They are part of the worst-educated generation in American history -- the warped end-products of years of indoctrination in progressive schools and Leftist universities, where all they really learned is that the world is filled with victims and that America is the cause of the victimhood. But, they also learned, all of this can be rectified in a twinkling if we are only Compassionate -- and entrust our lives to the ministrations of Big Government. This is all they know, all they believe, and all they are capable of thinking about. These are Obama's version of the Ottoman janissaries -- the non-Muslim boys abducted by the Turks, converted to Islam, brainwashed in the most fanatic Islamic beliefs, who became the sinew and bone of Ottoman power. Our mainstream-media major-domos are modern-day janissaries -- the truest of true believers. I wish I were kidding -- but I am not.
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I find it hard to believe the only alternative for survival is to chase down a bear or cat with dogs in order to supply your family with food.

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