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Thursday, 03 May 2012


Mannie Sherberg
For a few brief hours, Chen -- in the U. S. Embassy -- was on U. S. territory, and the United States could have taken him from there and flown him to the U. S. That is what strong, sovereign, decent countries do when they are dealing with vicious and immoral thugs. Would it have been asking too much for the Obama administration to do -- just once -- the right thing and -- repercussions be damned -- save this man's life? Would it have been asking too much for the Obama administration to put aside all thoughts of the forthcoming election -- and act with honor, decency, and rectitude? Barack Obama and his assemblage of goons have done much to shame our country, but nothing so vile as this.
What really "gets me," Mannie is that it's so quiet on the Leftist front. I would have thought they'd be all over this story.
yeshiva son
The drudge headline right now is amazing. It's a picture of Chen being wheeled in a wheelchair by a nurse and the tagline is HELP ME, HILLARY. Then there is a red headline next to it which says Hillary Ignores...
Mannie Sherberg
Yael -- the Leftist front has an enormous investment in Obama -- and, I'm guessing, will say and do nothing at this point that might endanger his re-election -- on which the Chen debacle could have a disastrous impact. Chen could not, from Obama's standpoint, have shown up at the embassy door ar a worse time. For the past week, Obama has been thumping his chest and doing his best John Wayne-tough guy impersonation because he "got" bin Laden. Then, out of the blue, Chen shows up -- and threatens to make Obama look like the weak, wishy-washy wimp he really is. Not even Obama will be able to thump his chest if Chen is swallowed up in the Moloch-like maw of the Red Chinese government. Abandoning an honorable and valiant man to certain death is no way to exemplify the new "Forward" slogan. This is a HUGE problem for the Leftist front.

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