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Thursday, 31 May 2012


Mannie Sherberg
With anyone but the president, this Zarff story would sound really zany -- but we have to remember that Obama is a man at the zenith, and people at the zenith live in a different zone from the rest of us. Still and all, you have to be zealous about your haircuts to make a barber zoom halfway across the country for a trim. I wonder how much Zariff zings him for a sitting. If Zariff overhears any state secrets while he's clipping, I sure hope he keeps his lips zipped. If he doesn't, he might get zapped by a drone.
Well, I guess listening to that video shows that I haven't forgotten all my high school German! I would wait to get more reliable confirmation on this, but if true, that's unbelievable. Flying someone out 26 times a year to buzz your head doesn't seem like a very "99%" thing to do.
beisbol gorras
Ich frage mich, wie viel Zariff Zings ihn für eine Sitzung.

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