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Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Mannie Sherberg
Just another example of how unserious the United States has become about what is now jokingly called The War on Terror. If the American Secretary of State is going to put together a coalition of countries "struggling" against terrorism, wouldn't you think the first country on her list would be the country that knows more about the subject than any other 29 countries combined? This has nothing to do with the "struggle" against terrorism; the coalition is nothing more than a stunt to make 29 utterly feckless countries appear to be doing something about the world's most lethal threat when they have no real desire to do anything at all. It does accomplish two things though: it makes Hillary and a whole passel of other underemployed diplomats look busy while allowing them to slake their thirst for a little Jew-baiting and Israel-hating. I'll bet the "Victims of Terrorism" speech contained not one single reference to dead Israelis.
MBT Vendita
Come una mancanza di resistenza innata per le donne su tacchi alti, controllare se si dispone già di un paio di mosca ha tacco a spillo, a punta e superfine ed è il punto focale della stagione.

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