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Friday, 31 August 2012


Mannie Sherberg
Many things about Romney will resonate, but none more than his essential decency -- which shines through his equally essential modesty -- and his quietly resolute demeanor. The Obama campaign has been reduced to a shambles of bombast and scurrility. My bet is that -- over the next couple of months -- fence-sitting voters will find the decency and resolution preferable to the bombast and scurrility. Something else about Romney will also resonate: his intense American nationalism. The final night of the convention turned into a kind of carnival of old-fashioned American patriotism -- something we don't see much these days, and something that was wondrous to behold. If there's one thing Obama cannot do --- despite his vaunted platform skills -- is American patriotism. That's probably because he's never felt a twinge of American patriotism in his life -- and why, whenever he mouths an occasional platitude about American greatness, it falls as flat as one of Romney's delicious-looking pancakes. If this essential difference between the two candidates emerges in the debates, then -- beyond any doubt -- Obama's goose will be cooked.

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