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Friday, 31 August 2012


Mannie Sherberg
The American Left is now so totalitarian that it survives only by stomping out any deviation from Leftist groupthink. What we're witnessing over at HP is the degradation of an already-degraded Leftism into the purest Stalinism. Since these creeps lack the power to subject Eastwood to a purge-by-kangaroo-trial or ship him off to the nearest gulag, or -- best of all from their point-of-view -- put a bullet into Eastwood's brain, they're stuck with writing nasty missives. This is the true face of Obama's "base" -- a howling mob of small-time Stalinists baying for the blood of a guy whose "crime" it was to think for himself. Somewhere Orwell is smiling ruefully and mumbling to himself: "I told you so."
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A shameful display of presidential fecklessness and stupidity. Did Obama REALLY expect Bibi to remain passive, silent, and servile while Iran -- with the tacit compliance of the U.S. -- draws closer and closer to the weapon of its dreams? Did he REALLY believe Bibi would -- as a favor to His Eminence -- say and do nothing about Iran until after the election? Is Obama REALLY so narcissistic as to believe that the entire world would slow to a halt just to accommodate his re-election schedule? Now -- with the Iranian stew coming to a boil before the election (a completely foreseeable event) -- what does he do? He panics -- and sends Petraeus on a fool's errand to Israel. This is what the Dims call "presidential leadership." This kind of out-of-touch-with-reality, chicken-with-its-head-cut-off behavior should be enough to scare hordes of voters into voting for Romney.

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