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Sunday, 02 September 2012


Mannie Sherberg
Surely Gaia the Great Earth Mother -- the deity at whose altar Obama has worshiped for many years -- wouldn't pull a dirty trick on this most faithful of her votaries by raining on his parade. Or would she? Is this the recompense a communicant in the Gaian church gets for making daily sacrifices at her feet -- sacrificing the jobs of millions by nixing the Keystone pipeline, sacrificing whole industries like coal, sacrificing sanity itself in favor of such madness as Cap and Trade ...? Shouldn't all those sacrifices count for something? Is this what the poets mean by "the fickleness of the gods"? Stand by ...
trade options
The recession is here, but sure it has not the same impact on everybody. For us, regular citizens concerning the economy, the "best-cheer-me-up" I can think of is dealing with options.

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