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Friday, 28 September 2012


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Mannie Sherberg
Someday, a clear-eyed historian -- should there be such a creature -- will write a book titled: "The Pile-On: How the Group-Thinking Left Tried to Destroy America." It will tell the ugly story of how the Left -- in robotic fashion -- honed its character-assassination skills in its campaign to defame Sarah Palin, and then used its newly-perfected skills to defame, slander, berate, shred, damn, censure, put down, humiliate, scandalize, defile, sully, badmouth, stigmatize, curse, and anathematize Mitt Romney. I am delighted to predict -- without a moment's hesitation -- that the book will have a happy ending. Mitt Romney will be elected president of the United States -- and the group-thinking Left, including its malevolent and mendacious minions in the media, will go into a deep and possibly permanent funk. Betcha.

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