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Friday, 28 September 2012


Mannie Sherberg
Yael -- lest you get the idea that this compendium of outrages, enormities, abominations, and transgressions has gone unnoticed, let me say that I've read -- and agree with -- every word. For some reason, while all the derelictions you've listed rankle, the one that, for me, rankles the most, is Rice's snub -- which of course was really the Obama snub -- of Netanyahu's speech. I'm reminded that the Hebrew "am ha'aretz" -- "people of the land" -- came to mean, by Maimonides' day, "boors without learning or virtue," and was later absorbed into Yiddish to mean "ignoramus" or "ignoramuses." The nicest thing I can say about Rice and the rest of Obama's degraded crew is that they are a bunch of "am ha'aretz."
I would agree with your assessment, Mannie, if only you hadn't described them in Hebrew. They do not deserve lashon hakodesh. But there may be something apt in Yiddish :)
Mannie Sherberg
Yael -- I wasn't defaming lashon hakodesh -- but trying to say, perhaps ineptly, that the Hebrew term was absorbed into Yiddish, and became a common Yiddish term for a boor or an ignormaus. As frequently happened, many Yiddish speakers slurred the Hebrew, and pronounced it "am horetz" -- the "a" taking on an "o" sound and the four syllables being compressed into three. I simply wanted to make the point that "am horetz" -- a common Yiddish usage for "ill mannered and vulgar" people has ancient Hebraic sanction, including Maimonides himself (and also, if I recall correctly, in Pirke Avot, although I certainly can't cite the passage off the top of my head).

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