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Wednesday, 14 November 2012


It is a brilliant comment. The day after the election everyone has seven reasons why it turned out the way it did, providing incisive analysis that would have been more valuable a little earlier in the campaign. Keith is a great blogger, but the day before the election he predicted (in his words) "a big Romney win" in both the popular vote and the electoral college. A week later, he suddenly notices that the color of the candidates' skin and their spouses' hair were one of seven insuperable obstacles. You are right to call his sloppy slurs racism (and sexism) and to focus on cheap labor and cheap voters.
Walt Gottesman
Your comment is honest, lucid and penetrating. It points out a type of bigotry that has become all too common amongst people who profess to be against such discriminatory language. It also alludes to the even greater problem of people who vote for a presidential candidate based on appearance rather than character and capacity to promote the general welfare and provide for the common defense of the entire country, not just those who voted for that candidate.
Mannie Sherberg
The choice here seems prettty clear: Either we continue to nominate candidates without regard to the color of their skin or we become as racist as the Dims have been for well over a century. The mere discussion of a candidate's skin color (or the color of the spouse's hair) has no place in Conservative discourse -- never has and, I hope, never will. If we're ever going to win national elections again, we'd better get busy talking about constructive subjects. Let the Dims debase themselves talking about skin pigmentation.

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