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Wednesday, 07 November 2012


Mannie Sherberg
Last night, for the first time, I faced up to a truth I've been trying to ignore for a long time. For the past four years, I've been blaming Obama for our plight -- but last night I had to admit that Obama isn't the real culprit. The real culprit is the American electorate -- or those 60 million fools, dunces, moochers, and crooks who have twice elected the Great Charlatan to the most powerful position on earth. Mountebanks like Obama can thrive only in a hospitable environment -- and the loony-left half of the electorate has provided that environment. I used to think Mencken was exaggerating when he wrote: "The American people constitute the most timorous, sniveling, poltroonish, ignominious mob of serfs ever gathered under one flag in Christendom since the end of the Middle Ages." Last night I realized: When it comes to the leftward half of the American electorate, he wasn't exaggerating.
Tom Glennon
Despite the overall outcome, I held some hope that a House of Representatives could at least slow the encroaching loss of American exceptionalism. That too went away when I heard the Speaker of the House say the election was a "mandate to seek common ground". I may be some dumb, but I ain't plumb dumb. I know what that means. An ignorant electorate has voted to abolish the American dream. I take no comfort in a letter that John Adams wrote to his wife Abigale, wherein he said; "A Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever."
I'm as nauseated by the outcome of this election as are you, and I think Mannie hits the nail on the head; the problem is "us" and not so much "him." There are so many troubling dimensions to this, it's hard for us average citizens to know where we can even start. Consider, for example, the role played in all of this by the uniform indoctrination in liberalism that our kids have been subjected to for the past two or three decades. Is it any wonder that so many of our 20- and 30-something voters do not appear to have the ability to think critically regarding the Democrat pablum? It is scary, but with that said, the greatness of America is something worth fighting for. It's time for folks like us to buckle down and use our greatest strengths in this fight: our smarts, our hearts, and most importantly, the truth.
Mannie Sherberg
Tom -- You're right: within minutes of Obama's victory announcement, the meme of the night became "the need to seek common ground." The idea, no doubt, is to entrap Republicans into sharing responsibility for whatever economic disaster -- depression? national bankruptcy? Weimar-style inflation? -- awaits us. It's hard to believe the House leadership contains enough chumps to make this work, but nothing would surprise me. Meshulam, you're also right. The three major opinion-making institutions in the United States are now in the hands of the Left: the news media, the universities, and the entertainment industry. If you added up all the Americans who now make a living in the Brainwashing Industry, I suspect the number would rival the numbers of equivalent workers in Stalin's USSR. No wonder so many of today's young people can barely think an unconventional thought.
Penelope Toothman
I knew in my heart the problem was us, but was hoping for a stay before our final demise. It is the same old story things go awfully wrong when you erect false idols.
Mordechai Y. Scher
I share your general disappointment - but I must say that I think you are wrong in several ways. 1. The USA, like all Western democracies is an evolving society. It is also a very resilient society. It has survived a few previous terrible presidents - and it will survive this one. Though yes, I agree, damage will be done in his term of office. 2. I am an Israeli patriot first, and foremost; but I suspect you don't know Israel very well. It is an excellent, wonderful country overall - but I wouldn't say that it is more free than the US. That isn't just naive - it is simply wrong. Comparable to be sure; but not noticeably different in civil freedoms. For one thing, the Israeli media is HIGHLY politicized. The original Israeli Hebrew newspapers were all literally party organs. Each was founded by a political party. Most don't exist anymore; but the notion of an agenda-driven press is still alive and well. I suspect you don't read the Hebrew papers; or know the social and political history of the Israeli media. For another thing, Israeli governments have notoriously and blatantly used their positions to suppress their adversaries. Look how Mr. Begin was treated for decades, for instance. Or that Jabotinsky wasn't allowed burial in Israel. Or that Rav Meir Kahane's party was outlawed from the political arena (under a dominantly right-wing Knesset, no less). Meanwhile, Rehavam Zeevi's party was not banned despite its similarity - because he was one of 'the boys' from the army, and not a rabbi. Or that protesters, usually right-wing, are peremptorily taken off the streets to silence them and make work easier for the police. I was one of those, and it was during Mr. Begin's government. So yes, support Israel. Better yet, move there and participate in Israeli life. Don't go because you are bitter about the US, which is still a very fine country in so many ways; go because you love Israel and want to contribute there. Teach your children to love Israel and serve her, in the army and in society. But don't ignore her flaws, or you won't be able to help fix them.
Dear Mordechai Scher, I do read Israeli papers; I realize that they are agenda driven, but that doesn't mean they are state-run. I distinctly remember much criticism of the left-wing government of Ehud Olmert from the left-wing media there. I see more diversity of thought and opinion in Israel than here in the U.S. where the mainstream media is of one mind and one meme, determined by the whim of the White House. Perhaps you do not understand that people in America do not always feel free to express their thoughts uncensored... in public but also in private... in the U.S. these days. Though hardly an expert, I am somewhat familiar with Israel's social and political history. I think perhaps it is you who does not understand the extent of the disaster that America has just brought on herself, and what is sure to follow. Moreover, let me just say that I will go where I want for reasons of my own, and that may very well include going to Israel because I have become bitter about the U.S. And p.s., my children are grown and if I taught them anything about Israel, it was not because anyone told me to. It was simply heartfelt.

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