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Sunday, 18 November 2012


Doris Wise Montrose
This is totally insane! The world could not care less about the Arabs in Gaza. It puts Israelis in danger. It belittles how Israeli citizens have suffered - and died. The Arab Palestinians brought to Israeli hospitals to be treated will turn on Israeli citizens. It is so stupid. Stop this AND turn off the electricity. The attacks on Israel will not stop until the Arab Palestinians suffer. The int'l community will never love Israel and Jews. Never.
Mannie Sherberg
Doris Wise Montrose is 101% correct. There is no imperative more deeply rooted in Islam than the imperative to hate, subjugate, and -- if they will not be subjugated -- murder Jews. All the Israeli goodwill in the world will not change this. The money the Israelis are spending on humanitarian aid would be better spent on a few more missile interceptors.
COGAT is the epitome of Israeli stupidity. Would Hamas ever supply Israel with humanitarian goods if the circumstances were reversed? There you have it. Showing mercy to the enemy in time of war is the sign of a fool.
Here is the info from the IDF site: http://www.idf.il/1283-17661-en/Dover.aspx

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