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Monday, 19 November 2012


Mannie Sherberg
My guess -- and I'd put money on this -- is that Stephen Bedford and the top guns at the BBC no more believe in Hashem than I believe in leprauchauns. That's why they can be -- and are -- so damned insouciant about who does and who does not "deserve a future": since, for these sappy secularists, Hashem does not exist, they feel perfectly free to step into the breach and do Hashem's work for Him. The magisterial pontificating we hear incessantly from the so-called intellectual Left is what you get when Secular Humanism takes over the job left vacant by the "Death of God."
Considering history, Israel's future is more of a surety than Britain's. More morally defensible also.
Mannie, perhaps we should start a rumor that Secular Humanism is dead. Ya think?
Mannie Sherberg
Yael -- not a bad idea! In fact, it's already dying in Europe -- where it's slowly but surely being murdered by Islam. I suspect that one day soon, the term "Eurabia" will simply fade away and be replaced by "Arabia Jr." or something like that. Western Civilization cannot and will not endure without a religious foundation; what's going on in Europe proves that -- although, so far, distressingly few Americans have gotten the message.

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