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Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Mannie Sherberg
I have it on very good authority that what we're now seeing are the tryouts for a new comic opera (comic operas are always filled with good-looking women and generals in natty uniforms)-- to be produced, written, and directed by Barack Obama -- which will debut on Broadway sometime next year. The chief comic actor in this extravaganza will be Vernon Loeb -- the Washington Post writer who is either (take your pick) the "ghostwriter" or "co-author" of Broadwell's book; Loeb told FOX News this morning that he always wondered how Broadwell got so much good information for the book. In this opera bouffe -- which is still a work in progress -- the chorus will consist of assorted FBI agents, and comic relief will be provided by members of the House/Senate Joint Intelligence Committee; Eric Cantor will be cast as the super-villain. There is some talk about several more women and several more generals being added to the cast -- which may literally become "a cast of thousands." There's no word yet about who will write the music, although Andrew Lloyd Webber has been mentioned to give the opera an international flavor. I understand that the script -- as written by B. H. Obama -- contains no mention of Libya, Benghazi, or dead Americans, since this entire musical confection is intended as an entertaining distraction that will take the public's mind off its woes.
Find an archive/mp3 or whatever of the Rush Limbaugh Program for Monday, November 13th 2012, and listen to it all.

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