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Sunday, 11 November 2012


Mannie Sherberg
Mr. Cooke's lament is the same one many of us have gnashed our teeth over for a good many years. It all comes down to the fact -- confirmed by Tuesday's vote -- that there has been, in our lifetimes, a sea change in the American character. The Greatest Generation -- the generation that defeated Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan and, some years later, the Evil Empire -- is the same Generation that -- in one of modern history's most astonishing ironies -- spawned the Flabbiest Generation, a generation of weaklings and whiners so emasculated by ignorance that many of its members don't know the first thing about Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan or the Evil Empire. Obama, himself a profoundly miseducated and ignorant man, is a member of that generation. The challenge for those of us who revile the Flabbiest Generation and everything it stands for is to find a way to undo the ravages of the internal war against America that began in the 1960s and has never abated. From most of the commentary written by conservatives since Tuesday's defeat, it's pretty clear that no one has the foggiest idea how to begin tackling that challenge. That's because the task before us is not only unprecedented in American history, but quite possibly insuperable. That task is to find a way to change the American character from Flabby back to Great. Until we figure out how to do that -- if it's even possible -- we will continue to be strangers in our own home.

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