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Tuesday, 04 December 2012


We've gone from (a) starve the beast, to (b) put the beast on a diet, to (c) give the beast more money now and he promises to consider a diet next year, to (d) no more of these annual votes as the beast places its order for a year's worth of food.
Mannie Sherberg
If Flynn's use of "existential" means "life or death," then I regretfully agree with him. For many of us Republicans -- who daily scratch our heads and wonder what in the world the party truly stands for these days (forget its 2012 platform statement, which is worthless) -- the party has been skating on thin ice for some time. If the Pubs cave on tax increases, there'll almost certainly be a strenuous call for a third -- and genuinely conservative -- party. There's something deeply saddening about the thought of the party of Lincoln putting itself out of business (we can't blame the Dims for this; it's something we're doing to ourselves) -- but it seems increasingly likely that that is what the party will do. This is what happens when a party forgoes visionary leaders in favor of functionaries, operatives, manipulators, placeholders, and mandarins. Say what we will about Obama, the guy at least has a vision for America: he wants to socialize it. Does any of the current crop of Republican leaders have a vision for America anywhere near as clear?

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