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Tuesday, 18 December 2012


Tom Glennon
Let me get this straight. This administration sent thousands of weapons to the Mexican drug cartels, that were then used to slaughter hundreds of Mexican citizens, and are now showing up at crime scenes in the U.S.. This administration also renewed the Clinton ban on military personnel having weapons on base. and refused to investigate the terrorist communications and rants of Major Hasan, resulting in the slaughter of 13 military personnel and one unborn child. This administration armed the Libyan rebels, and those arms are now showing up in terrorist camps in Mali, Nigeria and other African nations, and are used to slaughter more civilians. This administration denied permission for Embassy and Consulate personnel to bear arms, resulting in the death of an Ambassador and three other Americans. This administration, which ignores the Constitution whenever it suits their purpose, now wants to further restrict the rights of Americans by circumventing the Constitution yet again, and ignoring the 2nd Amendment. Have I got that about right?
Let see ... you want my guns and what is your record on protecting us?
Yep. You've got that right.
he did. and the image in the piece following complements it well too.

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