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Thursday, 27 December 2012


An amazing blog, really. Todah lach.
Mannie Sherberg
"Giantude": the perfect word for Sharansky. The man IS a moral colossus -- and one of the few people alive who, when I read about him, makes me squirm and feel wormlike. The juxtaposition of Sharansky's picture and Bobby Dylan's is nothing less than a photographic essay worth at least a googolplex of words. The story about the book of psalms is both inspiring and dispiriting: inspiring because it took the rawest (and rarest) courage to do what Sharansky did, and dispiriting because nobility such as Sharansky displayed should be recognized at all times in all places -- without depending on the caprices of the media or the crochets of the president. The thought of Sharansky's bravery being ignored should make all of us feel wormlike.

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