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Tuesday, 11 December 2012


Mannie Sherberg
The DNA of the Left oozes with hatred. Marx was one of history's great haters -- and, given the amount of competition, that's saying a lot. The man's biography could be called "People I Have Hated," because he spent his entire life making enemies and nursing hatreds; the guy pursued adversaries the way a skirtchaser pursues women. Lenin -- a chip off the old block -- hated the whole world. He was a lover of music who dreaded listening to it because it might make him "soft." While listening to Beethoven one day, he told his pal Gorky,"I can't listen to music too often. It affects your nerves; you want to say nice stupid things and stroke the heads of people ... You must not stroke anyone's head -- you might get your hand bitten off. You have to hit them on the head without any mercy." Those are surely among the most bone-chilling words ever uttered. It's like the line in the Sinatra song: "Love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage." You could just as well say: "Hate and Lefties go together like a horse and carriage." If only it rhymed.

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