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Monday, 14 January 2013


Mannie Sherberg
I have no quarrel with AP's calling Bibi a "hardliner." Indeed, he IS a hardliner -- and I hope he remains one. A hardliner, as I see it, is someone who puts the security of his people ahead of all else, who isn't taken in by sweet talk or empty promises, who insists on telling the truth even when no one wants to listen, and who -- perhaps most important of all -- refuses to be pushed around. If, as expected, Bibi wins the upcoming election by a big margin, it'll be because the Israeli people see him as a hardliner and want a hardliner as their prime minister. Of course, the AP is no doubt using "hardliner" to imply Bibi is unreasonable, inflexible, and obsructionist. But those are exactly the qualities Reagan manifested in dealing with the Soviets. They're simply evidence that -- on certain subjects -- a leader is as hard as nails. Nothing wrong with that. As for Hagel, calling him a "maverick" isn't wrong but it does miss the most important thing about him: he is -- far more significantly than anything else -- a stealth jihadist. Putting him in the Cabinet would be like FDR's naming a member of the German-American Bund his Secretary of War in 1938.

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