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Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Mannie Sherberg
I wonder if it was real exasperation -- or feigned. With Hillary one can never be too cynical. Whatever it should be called, it was, I agree, insulting. Equally repellent, I thought, was the fawning accorded her by a number of Dim senators and congressmen. It's rare to see these Pooh-Bahs behave with such servility, such obsequiousness. And how about the repeated effusions of profuse gratitude for her "service to the country"? How many of these timeservers, I wonder, could list a single thing Hillary accomplished in either the Senate or the State Department that merits the nation's gratitude. What we saw and heard today was mostly cant, mummery, and lip service. We shall probably never know the whole truth about Benghazi. How terribly sad for our country.

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