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Thursday, 03 January 2013


Tom Glennon
Yael, I read the article, and all I can say is "ARE YOU KIDDING ME!". I certainly agree with you, that coal miners are in the top 10 most stressful jobs. As for the list, I have a few comments. Rather than Military Generals, I would suggest Military Colonels. Generals are usually in safe havens, away from combat. Colonels are the top line officers that actually lead from the front, and make life and death decisions while being shot at. I would supplant commercial pilots with military combat pilots. Commercial pilots do not have people shooting at their planes. Especially Naval and Marine pilots flying from aircraft carriers. Carrier landings add a new definition for pucker factor. I would delete PR and Corporate Executives. Their stress is only that their golden parachutes are not big enough. I would add farmers. Not only are they in the top 10 most hazardous professions, they are the biggest risk takers in any business. Photo journalists and reporters should be restricted to those embedded in combat units. Covering an Obama press conference is more likely to induce yawns than stress. My final addition would be commercial fisherman. Again, risky to both health and income. But heck, that is just my opinion, but I do have family and friends in the additions I mentioned, so I might be biased.

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