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Monday, 07 January 2013


Mannie Sherberg
You're definitely on to something here, Yael. There's no doubt that in the last election, the Dims' messaging was far superior to ours. That's basically because the Dims are grievance mongers; they personalize every message; they appeal to the gut, not the brain. They appeal to the "me" in every voter; they're much better at one-on-one messaging than we are. We Republicans are better at talking about "principles." The problem with that is that it intellectualizes politics -- makes it sound abstract, theoretical, IMpersonal. And in today's America, the IMpersonal can be -- as we learned in November -- a sure way to lose elections. Take your rewritten pitch about guns: it sounds down-to-earth, conversational, easy to understand -- even though it deals with a topic that could just as easily sound stiff and professorial. That's because it's written in Democratic -- not Republican -- language. If this rewritten pitch proves anything, it's that we conservatives have a lot to learn about getting our ideas across. If we can learn how to beat the Dims at their own game, we can start beating them at the polls as well.

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