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Sunday, 20 January 2013


Mannie Sherberg
In the Era of Big Lies, there is none so big as the lie that Progressivism means "change." In fact, the very name "Progressivism" is itself a lie, implying, as it does, that people who call themselves "Progressives" favor change -- a meme that was very successfully used in Obama's 2008 campaign. The truth, of course, is that "Progressivism" is all about maintaining the status quo -- a condition of stasis in which all Progressives -- the indigent, the disabled, the unions, the teachers, the trial lawyers, the Democratic party hangers-on, the intellectual elite, the universities, the feminists, the blacks, the Hispanics, the Greens, favored corporations, crony capitalists -- continue to receive their share of the pie. That's what Progressivism is all about; that is the ONLY thing it's about: continuing to slice the pie as it is now being sliced. The whole vast coalition of Democratic party cadgers can be held together only if there is an external menace -- a menace by outsiders who threaten to slice the pie differently -- or to shrink the size of the pie. Hence all the yammering about the Scaifes, Exxons, Coors, and Kochs. Every fairy tale needs an ogre. If the conservative ogres -- the Scaifes, Exxons, Coors, and Kochs -- didn't exist, the Dims would've invented them. Someday -- maybe -- when every American goes to a REAL school -- it'll be impossible to get away with this nonsense. In the meantime -- and, probably, for a very long time to come -- this stuff will be what passes, in America, for political "discourse."

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