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Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Mannie Sherberg
Pretty grim performance, wasn't it? And I use the word "performance" for good reason. The whole event was like one of those one-person shows in which an actor plays a well-known figure -- like Hal Holbrook playing Mark Twain. In this instance, the prominent thespian B. H Obama played the first -- and, so far, only -- King of the United States. The two differences between the BHO and the Hal Holbrook performances was that (1) Holbrook played before a live audience of utter strangers; BHO played before a live audience of adoring courtiers and vassals, some of whom were actually on stage, and (2) Holbrook was a superb actor; BHO is a ham. The question I'm struggling with is: Was the performance supposed to be a comedy or a tragedy? Every one of the ideas put forth was laughable -- but the overall effect was tragic for our country. I'd bet that many viewers of these hectoring histrionics came to the same conclusion I did: I wish the "King of the United States" would abdicate.

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